Sunday, September 13, 2015

Me Instead of He?

"Finally, all of you should be of one mind. Sympathize with each other.

Love each other as brothers and sisters. 

Be tenderhearted, and keep a humble attitude."

1 Peter 3:8

It's been a rough week around here. 

Life is more than busy, and at every turn, plans haven't worked out the way I thought they should go. I haven't been as tenderhearted or sympathetic as I could have been, should have been, truly wanted to be. 

I let 'Me' get in the way of 'He' this week. 

I didn't turn to Him when I was tired of the minutia of life. I let the enemy's whisper take hold, telling me to rely on myself. 

Yeah, it was a rough week.

Today, this verse resonates with me. 
It was directed to ALL CHRISTIANS...and that includes me. I realize in order to sympathize, love, be tenderhearted, and humble, I have to put others first. Isn't this what Jesus showed us while He walked this earth? When I move myself out of the way, I allow Him to work through me. His plans are better than mine.

His Light shines so much brighter than mine ever could.

It's a daily dying, isn't it? This world offers nothing more than "Me first!" in its fast pace. It glorifies self. It's the exact opposite of what He has taught us to do. So for today, I am pondering this...

Wouldn't it be amazing to walk into church this morning, 
set aside our differences, 
and simply love on each other
while we worship our Creator?

When we put Him first, above all else, and come together in corporate worship, the color of paint on the walls, the type of flowers at the front of the altar, what everyone is wearing...these things just don't matter. 

Praying we, who are blessed to praise God freely, 
move ourselves out of the way 
and make it all about Him today.