Monday, September 21, 2015

Say It Again

I don't usually go willy-nilly through my Bible, though today as I opened the Good Book, the pages flipped open to Ezekiel 28. Before I continued to my intended daily reading, my eyes caught these words:

In the pride of your heart...but you are a man and not a god...

Well, I just couldn't stop there! I had to keep reading. Although this particular prophecy was intended for the King of Tyre, and the  I know I can see myself described in those words., that will get me every single time. It's so easy to get puffed up, especially on social media. All those thumbs-up, hearts, retweets, and 'likes' can make a heart swell, can't they? Those moments of pride, or self-centeredness, are when we rely on ourselves instead of relying on God. We put 'me' in front of 'He,' and then life gets muddled. 

As I kept reading, I noticed God is repeating these words:

Then they will know...
that I AM the LORD

He says it over and over, again and again. When He repeats words and phrases, that's our signal to really pay attention. All His words are important, though His repeated words are meant to make us take notice. 

It occurred to me, there are so many...a world of people who choose not to know Him now. They won't know Him until prophecy is fulfilled. They won't know Him until it is too late. How sad that day will be for them. 

To wait to know the I AM...the LORD...the SOVEREIGN LORD...the LORD THEIR GOD...
                  oh, please don't wait to know Him.

Even if you say you don't believe in God, or you believe in another deity, and especially if you are unsure of a higher being; open a Bible and find out Who He is. Prove to yourself your convictions of no God are true. Affirm your beliefs in your deity. Be assured in truly knowing there is or isn't a higher being. 

What is the harm in finding out for yourself? There is nothing to lose in reading a Bible. In fact, if you open your heart to the idea, I venture you will gain indescribable peace in knowing Him. 

What are you reading today?

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