Monday, December 21, 2015

Advent - Day 21

Jesus - Bread of Life

John 6:48

KJV - I am that bread of life.

NLT - Yes, I am the bread of life!

From Roberterso's Word Pictures of the New Testament commentary via  

I am the bread of life (εγω ειμι ο αρτος της ζωης — egō eimi ho artos tēs zōēs). 
Jesus repeats the astounding words of John 6:35 after fuller explanation. 
The believer in Christ has eternal life because he gives himself to him.

A personal note: 

I've always considered bread to be a comfort food. Growing up, a platter of bread was served at every meal. It was simply a part of our everyday lives. I wonder if serving that bread was meant to symbolize Him. Today, we rarely have bread at our table. (Carbs are bad, don't you know?!) Have we forgotten we need to continually remind ourselves of His presence? 

I think I'll put it back on the table tonight; and when the family asks why it is there, I will tell them it is for nourishing their soul. 

Feed your Spirit with the Bread of Life today.