Friday, February 12, 2016

LOVE - Verse 8

The things of this earth, and even the gifts of the Spirit are temporary. This earth will one day be no longer. At some point, the gift of prophecy will be unnecessary, because the prophecies will be fulfilled at Christ's Return. Even unknown languages (speaking in tongues) and special knowledge will be fruitless, and not needed. But love...

LOVE will last forever!

LOVE - it is more valuable, more durable than any gift, any language, any knowledge, any thing. Love will be here when all else is gone. Remember when I asked you to replace the word 'LOVE' with 'JESUS' in our last post? Do that again, here.

JESUS will last forever!

That exclamation point not only tells us this is important to understand; it also gives us reason to shout it out and be happy! Jesus will be here when all else is gone. When life has you down, dwell on this thought. He is forever...and He is here now.

I find this verse invigorating. It encourages me to remember today I am going to:

LOVE the Person Before Me

How will you LOVE others today?