Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Book of Jude, verse 22

(New American Standard Bible)

And have mercy on some, who are doubting; 

(New Living Translation)
And you must show mercy to those whose faith is wavering.

Verse 22 is short, but full of meaty Truth. Jude shows us how to approach those whose faith walk is in distress. If you need to, look back to Verse 20 and 21 for a refresher to help you connect the thoughts. 

To dig in and draw your own conclusions
read a helpful commentary or two (or three!)

  • Have mercy - λεέω eleéō,  Jude uses this Greek word which translates to succor one seeking aid. Succor is simply an old-school word which means to help (as in:  a person who gives help to one in need).   
  • on some, who - There's really just a demonstrative pronoun being used in the Greek original,  ὅς hós. While it seems all encompassing, I think there's more to it . Giving it a little bit of thought, Jude isn't saying "all believers all the time." He's telling us there will be "some of the believers some of the time." We are to look for our fellow Christians, who need someone to stand in the gap for them (Ezekiel 22:30), and help them when they are troubled in spirit.
  • are doubting - Jude is not speaking of those who are having thoughts of doubt. He uses the Greek word διακρίνω diakrínō, which means to withdraw from one, him; of heretics, withdrawing oneself from the society of true Christians. 

There's a battle going on, friends. The enemy would love nothing more than to grab our brothers and sisters in Christ, and twist their minds into believing something other than Truth. We are to be ready for that battle, armed with His Truth by staying in His Word. We are to look for those who are pulling away from the Church, seek them out and provide them with the help they need to turn back to Him. Above all, we are to do this with compassion. 

Be the Love & Peace today.

Shine His Light and Point Others to Him.

What stood out most to you in this verse?