Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Love - Verse 11

While studying these verses, I read somewhere that if you pick this chapter apart too much, it loses its beauty. Have I been too analytical? I certainly hope you don't think so! For me, I've found the verses to resonate within my spirit as I've soaked in His word. 

In verse eleven, Paul is not telling us we have little use for the spiritual gifts upon spiritual maturity. He is making us aware that love is permanent, while the gifts are temporary. 

Commentary from David Guzik:
Childish things are appropriate for children, and the gifts are appropriate for our present time. But the gifts of the Holy Spirit will not be appropriate forever.

The time to use our spiritual gifts is now. The time to love is now and forever. Today, I challenge you and me to 

LOVE the Person Before Me

How will you LOVE others today?