Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love - Verse 12

Today's reflection comes from David Guzik's commentary. It is so spot-on, I feel no need regurgitate it in my own words. Read on...

Paul is using this term to describe complete, unhindered fellowship with God. 1 John 3:2 tells us when we get to heaven, we shall see Him as He is. There will be no more barriers to our relationship with God.
For now we see in a mirror: This speaks again to the perfect fellowship with God we will have one day. Today, when we look in a good mirror, the image is clear. But in the ancient world, mirrors were made out of polished metal, and the image was always unclear and somewhat distorted. We see Jesus now only in a dim, unclear way, but one day we will see Him with perfect clarity. We will know just as I also am known.
When we get to heaven, we will have a really clear vision of the Lord.
We couldn't handle this greater knowledge on this side of eternity.
God knows everything about me; this is how I also am known. But in heaven, I will know God as perfectly as I can; I will know just as I also am known. It doesn't mean I will be all-knowing as God is, but it means I will know Him as perfectly as I can.

How does this verse pertain to love? We can share it and this hope with others! Today, let's all just take a moment to

Love the Person Before Me

How will you LOVE others today?