Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Rant of Sorts

I try not to rant too often; however, I really just needed to pull this out of my head so I might move forward to dwell on other, more pleasant thoughts. Perhaps it's not as much a rant as it is a soapbox moment for unraveling events of the past few weeks. 

Stepping up on the Soapbox, I must ask:

"What has happened to common sense?"

Common Sense

Noun. 14c., originally the power of uniting mentally the impressions conveyed by the five physical senses, thus 
"ordinary understanding, without which one is foolish or insane" 

(Latin sensus communisGreek koine aisthesis); meaning"good sense" is from 1726.

We've come to a point in our history where ordinary understanding has been replaced with foolishness.  Every day we see people making mistakes which could have been avoided. How? Mainly by slowing down and thinking about the consequences of their actions.


Perhaps that is truly the catalyst for the lack of common sense? There seem to be no consequences any longer. Accountability is just a word, carelessly tossed about, without any action behind it. Children are no longer reprimanded for their rude behavior, because they are 'just being kids.' Teenagers are not punished for their poor choices, because their affluent lifestyles have hindered their thinking skills. Adults are tossed into the court of public opinion; however, not much justice is meted out to them in the court of law.

Until we get back-to-basics in our own homes, using the missteps, blunders, and muddled mistakes as teachable moments in liability life lessons; practical wisdom for living will become obsolete. We will see a continued downward spiral of our society. 

It's time to step up, people, and make one another accountable for our actions. It's time to bring back common sense. Those of us who have it, are desperate to see it being used by others. 

Okay, I'm hopping off my soapbox. Thanks for reading. 

How do you think 
we lost our Common Sense?