Friday, June 10, 2016


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Saw a link to Five Minute Friday & decided to give it a try. 

The rules:  Use the prompt,
set a timer, 
write 5 minutes,
post what you wrote.

Today's prompt is "Want." 
Here goes!


Want...we use this word a lot around our home. 
My teens are always in want of something. 
They want the latest shoes, clothes, phones.
They want food...all the time, it seems. 

And I want, too.

I want them to be healthy, happy, friendly.
I want them to feel loved.
Oh, I want things for me.
I want a new dress, a cute pair of comfortable shoes.
I really want the laundry done and the house to stay clean.
But most of all, I want to feel wanted.

I need to feel wanted.

My life revolves around their wants.
My life is based on their wants.
I want to fill the needs of their desires. 
I want to create a home so filled with love, they want to come back when they inevitably find the want to leave it permanently some day. 

I sometimes worry about when they're all gone.

How am I going to fill the need of being wanted?
How will I pursue my days? 
For now, I'll simply enjoy the role I've been given and the season in which I'm living. 

It's good to be wanted.

...Time's up!

What do you want?

PS...I didn't edit the words of my writing, though I did pretty it up a bit with bold & italics. The Type-A in me couldn't resist!