Friday, July 8, 2016

It's Time to Build

I wasn't planning on writing a post today, though in the aftermath of tragedy befallen our country again and more lives lost, I needed to take a moment to digest it. FMF's writing prompt is BUILD.


I didn't look at the news last night. I didn't even look at it first thing this morning. And when I did, I was completely deflated...downright heartbroken, and even a little scared. Live were lost. Lives that mattered. They all matter...Black, White, Blue. We cannot keep tearing each other down with careless words, hateful speech, and costly actions.

It is time to build.

Build by measuring our words before we type or speak them.
Build with blocks made out of love.
Build by mortaring those blocks together with peace.
Build by beginning with a good foundation.

He is the foundation.
Without Him, we will continue down this road of brokenness and hate.
Stop with the political rhetoric and knee-jerk reactions.
Cease with the keyboard legalism and quickly passing blame. 
Now is not the time for Likes and ReTweets for snarky comments.

We need...
We need Love.
We need Him. 


Time's Up.

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