Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Simple, yet Transforming Gift this Season

I originally posted this idea in 2014, on my former blog, Seams Inspired.
I've been thinking about many friends who could use a little love in their lives, 
so thought I'd share it again here just in case you need a quick gift this Christmas Season.

Two Dollars, Two Hours, Transform a Life

This idea has been pressing my heart for a few months.

It all started late last summer when I met a precious teen girl. She'd give bits and snippets about her life to me, her vivacious zeal drawing me in and causing remembrances of my youth when anything seemed possible. You remember those moments of wanting to emerge from the group? To stand out from the crowd and show the world you're a unique individual.

It's hard to be different
when you want to be accepted by your peers.

Her story is not mine to share, so I won't go into the details. I only know from the moment I met her, I felt compelled to pour love onto her and into her heart. She needs to know how beautiful she is, how unconditionally loved she is, how her uniqueness is celebrated by Him. 

I'm almost ashamed to admit how long I've been hearing Him telling me to do this. It's been months. I finally took the time to act on His prompt.

This project won't take much money or much time to complete, yet its heart effects will last a lifetime.

Pretty Container & Colorful Index Cards
$1 each from Dollar Tree

With the help of Biblegateway, I searched for Bible verses that had 'LORD says' in them. There are hundreds. While many won't apply because they are used by the prophets and seem woeful, there are more than enough for this project. 

Next I searched 'LOVE' followed by 'GRACE'. In under 2 hours, my intentions of having a month's worth of bible 'He Loves Me' verses was fulfilled. Actually, I was enjoying the process so much, I lost count while writing, and ended up with over 40 cards. 

Each card is handwritten with one verse and a catch. To make it truly personal, the person's name is inserted into the verse. Sometimes I think we forget the Bible is one giant Love Note written to each of us individually. For this reason, I believe it's incredibly important to personalize the verses as well as write them by hand. I know typing them up might seem quicker or easier, but taking the time...under 2 write by hand exemplifies you care.

~ Love Always, God

And something I didn't expect happened along the way of creating this little love basket of notes. 

As I wrote out cards,
I had my own heart-transforming connection with Him. 

I realized again His love, His grace, His peace; and THAT my friends, is priceless.

This Season, how will you show
others they are loved?

If you'd like to create your own version of the LOVE ALWAYS cards,
here's a little FREE PDF 'cheat sheet' you can download: