Saturday, March 28, 2015

When Someone You Trust Fails You

Taking 10 minutes to type out these thoughts, so I can continue with my day & breathe. I am not editing, and it will probably seem a bit disconnected; but I just need to get it out of my head & move on.

I am in the middle of a life storm.

One of my daughter's teachers was arrested for criminal sexual misconduct of a minor, 2nd degree.
This is a teacher whom my daughter admires. She talks of her almost every day. She has told me she loves her and her class. I am completely sickened and saddened...and I don't know how to tell my kid.

My knee-jerk reaction was to pull her from school.  Middle school is tough enough. My daughter has been exposed to so much of the world this year...more than I ever knew at her tender age. I don't understand the world & why it allows our children to have their innocence shattered so young. It makes me physically ill to dwell upon it, but I must for the sake of my child.

I continue to pray for the right words, because I know my daughter will hurt when I tell her. I know she will have questions for which I have no answers. And while I know I cannot protect her from the mean and vile of the world, I can use this as a teachable moment.

Good people we admire make mistakes, sometimes awful choices, which can scar and affect us for a lifetime. This is extremely disappointing, but it shows us where (and Who) we should place our admiration.

Love the person, hate the sin. This teacher has taken a big fall in her life. She doesn't seem to deserve any grace, but isn't that what God offers us daily?

Watch what you say, and don't feed the rumor mill at school. NOTHING will be gained from talking about what you know or think you know about this awful situation.

Remember the victim. And the student is a victim. She has to go through the rest of her life with possible trust issues, because someone who was supposed to be looking out for her actually put her in a threatening and compromising position. 

Predators don't always come in mean packages. Your beautiful teacher bears an ugly heart which was intent on feeding a base need. The boogey-man doesn't always appear scary. He or she can be quite attractive to entice you into their mean world.

Listen to your inner-voice. God gave it to you to help protect you. If an adult, or anyone for that matter, does something that makes you uncomfortable, shout, 'No!' and run from them. If you can't run, and they say not to tell your Mom & Dad, that's when you truly should tell us No matter what that person says or does, we won't be mad at you. Even if they say they will harm or hurt us, tell us anyway. That is a sign they are doing something they know is wrong. Our job is to protect you. You won't be in trouble. 

If all else fails and you can't get away, sweet girl, stick your finger down your throat and throw-up on them. That should buy you enough time to run away...because who wants puke all over them? Nasty! This is the one time it's okay to do that. 

I am in earnest prayer about homeschooling next year. I waffle back and forth about it. The world can be an awful place, full of nothing I want my children to see. What do I do? Do I shelter her a bit longer? Do I remind her she is to be a light in the darkness? It's a constant, nagging worry. I'm doing my best to give it to God, but it ain't easy. 

This world wants my children, and it's my time to shout, 'No!' I can only stand in the gap, prayer a hedge of protection of them, and put my trust in Him and His plan. Their days are already numbered, as are mine. I can either shrink and crumble, staying in my little bubble of life, or I can rely on Him to see us through this storm. Sigh.