Tuesday, December 29, 2015

January Focus on Prayer

Wanting to keep the momentum of daily meet-ups with the family, I have been searching for devotions to focus our hearts on Him in January. When I saw Melle's "31 Day Scripture Writing Challenge," I knew I had found the right plan for us. 

Beginning on Friday, January 1st, we will follow Melle's plan to learn what the Bible says about Prayer. Though I will not require my family to write each scripture (the teens most likely wouldn't go for that...and my intent is to promote discussion, placing the Word on their hearts, and having them ponder it throughout their day), I plan to create word art to correspond with each verse. 

Want to join in? Follow this link to Melle's Blog, Southern Melle , and download your FREE PDF copy of the verses she has thoughtfully researched for this challenge.  Well, dirt. Looks as though Melle has shut down her blog. 

See you back here on Friday! 

Where will you place your focus
in the New Year?