Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Prayer - Day 26

KJV -  For I know that this shall turn to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

NLT -  For I know that as you pray for me and the Spirit of Jesus Christ helps me, this will lead to my deliverance.

Your Prayer and The Supply of Jesus Christ

How often do you receive prayer requests? Weekly, when you meet at church? Daily, through social media? People are in need. They need prayer. They need your prayers. This verse is telling us why it is important to lift one another in prayer, and through Whom those prayers are going to be delivered. 


epichorēgeō   is the Greek word for supply. It's etymology is rooted in two words which mean 'to furnish abundantly' and to 'take with one' or 'to guide.'  

We can rely on God to hear our prayers 
through the guidance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

From the commentary of David Guzik:
Paul knew that the Lord was in control of all events, even though his imprisonment and impending trial before Caesar Nero made the situation look pretty dark.
Through your prayer: Paul was so confident because he knew that the Philippians prayed for him. His deliverance in the present situation was connected to the prayer of the Philippians.
i. We can hypothetically say that if the Philippians didn't pray for Paul, then God's deliverance for Paul would be hindered. It certainly seems that Paul thought this way, and it shows what a serious matter prayer is.
Through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ: However, it was not the prayer of the Philippians in and of itself that would meet Paul's need. It was the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ that came to Paul through the prayer of the Philippians. Paul's needs were met by the Spirit of God, but that provision to Paul was brought about by the prayers of the Philippians.

Prayer is important. 
It is both an honor and blessing to lift in prayer someone in need.
Know that you will be heard.
He is waiting. 

What does this verse speak to you?