Thursday, April 7, 2016

Book of Jude, verse 5

(New American Standard Bible)

Now I desire to remind you, though you know all things once for all, that the Lord, after saving a people out of the land of Egypt,
subsequently destroyed those who did not believe.

(New Living Translation)
So I want to remind you, though you already know these things, 
that Jesus first rescued the nation of Israel from Egypt,
but later He destroyed those who did not remain faithful.

In verse 4, Jude urgently tells us to beware of the ungodly who have wormed their way into the church. He uses strong language to ensure we understand the deceitfulness of these people. Today, in verse 5, Jude continues his epistle with a reminder of the past.

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  • So I want to remind you, though you already know these things - Jude does what a parent does...he cautions us about what's going on, and then recalls something from our past to remind us why what he is telling us is important. As children, we often needed to be reminded of things. As teens, we needed to be reminded more. As Christians, we need to be reminded daily. We do this by keeping in His Word.
  • Jesus rescued - σώζω sṓzō is the Greek word for rescued. It means 'to preserve one who is in danger of destruction.  
  • but later He destroyed those who did not remain faithful -  Jude reminds us the Israelites in Egypt and the time they did not follow God. This was punishment for their unbelief. It is the same for us. When we look to ourselves, instead of to God, we lose His intended blessings.

We would much rather think of God as all loving, and He is; however, there are times when, just as a parent must, God must remind us Who is in control. He is preserving us from the danger of ourselves. He is teaching us to rely on Him. His desire is for us to always seek Him first. 

Follow His path today.

What stood out most to you in this verse?