Monday, June 27, 2016

RELY - The LORD and His Unfailing Love

But the Lord watches over those who fear Him,
    those who rely on His unfailing love.

I remember when I was new to studying the Bible, and this phrase 'fear of the LORD' was confusing to me. Why be afraid of Him? And here, in this particular verse, that word 'fear' is connected to 'rely.' At first glance, it seems to make no sense to me. So, let's dig in...

fear - this word is from a primitive root in Hebrew, יָרֵא yârêʼ, yaw-ray, which means to stand in awe of; fear, reverence, respect, honor. 

rely - this is also a primitive root in Hebrew, יָחַל yâchal. It means to wait: by implication, to be patient, hope: - (cause to, have, make to) hope, be pained, stay, tarry, trust, or wait.

Let's put what we've learned all together in our own words...

But the LORD watches over those who stand in awe of, revere, respect, and honor Him; those who are patient, and hope - even in painful times, trust in His unfailing love.

Why fear the LORD?
Why stand in awe of and honor Him? 

Because, dearest, He created us in His image, and He is worthy of our utmost praise. When we seek Him first, before we look to anything or anyone else, we can be assured He will not only provide what we need; He will also protect us from evil and the evil one. 

We go to Him with reverence, and we learn to wait in hope. Even in the painful moments, we can be absolutely certain of His love for us. We may not understand the 'why' of waiting, but we are guaranteed He will love us through it all. 

To rely on Him is a form of praise.

We are trusting His guidance, and acknowledging His plan for us is worth following...even when we don't understand it. Quiet your spirit, convene with Him, ask for direction. He is waiting to show you all the good He has in store for you. He is waiting for you to accept His love, you beautiful creation.

How will you rely on Him today?