Friday, December 2, 2016

Journaling Bibles for Girls

When I was asked if I'd like to review the NIV Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition, I immediately replied, 'Yes!'

TeenGirl has been requesting one for quite a while. (A journaling bible is on my wish list, too!) She enjoys drawing, and like her Momma, is learning brush lettering. Writing thoughts and drawing a visual in our bible is near and dear to our hearts. My bible is loaded in the margins! 

Upon receipt, she excitedly opened the package. With a dramatic exclamation, she squealed in one breath, "Ooh! Look at it! It's so pretty! And it's in my favorite colors. And look at the shiny gold. And look! It has a blue bookmark AND a pink elastic one." 

Though it doesn't show well in the photograph, this bible is hardcover with gold-foil embellishments on the lacy floral designs. It shimmers as it catches the light, and is truly very pretty and girly. 

We opened the bible up to around the middle, near Psalms. The pages are sturdy, yet thin enough they make that lovely crinkly sound when you turn them. Each page has a 2-inch ruled-lines margin on the outer side of the page. TeenGirl's first reaction was a bit of disappointment. Her preference would have been for blank space; however, she quickly deduced the ruled lines would be perfect for brush lettering. 

From an older-eye standpoint, the print seems rather small. For TeenGirl, this is no problem. As for me, I'll be pulling out my dime-store glasses to read the verses. The NIV (New International Version) translation is one in which we are familiar. The modern language makes it easier for a young girl or teen to understand better than the old-English style of the King Jimmy (KJV). 

She had only two requests for modification:  

1) Tabs! Not just any 'ol tab will do. TeenGirl wants pretty colored tabs to match her pretty bible. Mom thinks if you're buying this for a new believer, you'll want to include tabs. Though each book is listed at the top of each page, tabs would make it so much easier to find the book you'd like to study.

2) Colored Pens Specifically, pens that won't bleed through the pages. Colored pencils will work just fine, but if you have a vivacious girl, the bright colors of an archival gel pen make a nice addition to this bible. (We found some TeenGirl liked at HobbyLobby.)

Overall, both TeenGirl and I love this journaling bible. She's inspired to study and connect to Him through drawing and lettering verses. My heart is thrilled she has the desire to deepen her relationship with Him and His Word. If you're looking for a gift for your tween or teen girl, this is an excellent choice.

Disclosure:  I was given a copy of the NIV Holy Bible for Girls, Journal Edition in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a favorable review in order to receive the Bible.

Do you have a journaling Bible?