Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Kid Didn't Make the Team & I Couldn't be Prouder

My sweet tweenie has been bubbling about this summer, outside almost daily practicing bumping a ball, swinging arms to master serving, and conditioning the best she can to try out for her school's volleyball team. Try-outs were yesterday. 

My kid was cut. 

She was inconsolable on the ride home. Tears flowed, hugs were shrugged off, words couldn't soothe her. She skulked into the house, trying to avoid her daddy & brothers, then ran to her room and slammed shut the door.

I gave her time to digest the reality of a shattered dream. I could hear deep sobs, knowing she had her face buried in her favorite pillow. Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry, yes? When the sobbing quieted, I opened her door. Guess what I saw?

There on her bed, with the look of disappointment still etched on her tear-stained face, my beautiful heart of a daughter was reading her bible. She was seeking comfort from Him, trying to find wisdom in His word on the pages of Isaiah:

I am blown away by her soul search, her faith, her spiritual maturity. She knows, deep in her heart, even in the moment of despair, He has a plan for her. She can count on Him to show her the way.

My kid didn't make the team. 

And I couldn't be prouder.

Where do you find consolation?