Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cheese and Crackers

I'm a visual person. It's one of the reasons I create WordArt from Biblegateway's Verse of the Day. I study the verse a bit, usually with a few different translations; and an image will come to mind. "Seeing" the verse, helps my heart to remember it. Today's verse is an ode to one of my favorite and often used phrases. 

You see, I have a terrible vice...I sometimes a sailor.

It's an awful habit brought on from years of practice, dating back to my tween years when I first learned to verbalize 4-letter words with my classmates at recess. It felt kinda naughty, but exhilarating all at the same time. Ah, the Enemy knew just where to grasp hold of me!

I'm working on my mouth, and living in the South has helped. 

You can turn simple, everyday words into a pointed phrase everyone will immediately understand; plus, the funny use of simple words diffuses the moment into something a bit lighthearted. 

I've developed a few to use instead of the obscene language of my youth. 

With that in mind, when Colossians 3:13 popped up on my screen from Biblegateway's front page this morning, I knew exactly the image to use. Forgiveness doesn't always seem the easy path. No matter the intention, it seems someone will find a reason to be offended. 

Does it make sense to you? Do you know the phrase that came to my mind?

NLT via

When I'm exasperated by a person or situation, instead of swearing, I now say:

"That really cheeses my crackers!"

Today, when someone cheese your crackers, frosts your cookies, or knocks you over with a feather, take a breath and give them a pass. Think of the wise words and simple truth stated in Colossians 3:13.

Free your heart from the angst of being offended. 

Show them kindness and love.

By doing will show the world your Jesus. 

What is your favorite phrase?